Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21st update


My sweet 100 is almost 3 feet tall and has 14 little maters started as of yesterday. I can't believe how that thing took off. The celebrity tomatoes are starting to do well but nowhere near the 100.

Sugar snap peas are still producing but the older set is starting to brown. I planted some a couple weeks after the first set and those are going mad. Note to self, for a continued crop, plat sugar snap peas a week apart over a months time.

Spacemaster cucumbers are really starting to come alive. Although it's not a very big plant yet, the leaves are close to 8 or so inches in diameter. I wish I could say the same about my pickling cucumbers. They are only a few inches tall.

Squashes. The butternut is going ape and keeps growing in the wrong direction so I'm going to have to figure a way to make it grow in the direction I want. Zuchs are starting to come into their own. Still small plants but very nice and green. The yellow crookneck however are still yellowing and not looking great. I just worked in some fresh compost around those guys so we'll see what happens.

Bush beans grew like crazy till they hit about a foot tall then started to turn light green. They've put out some beans but they look to be struggling. I planted some more bush beans about two weeks ago in a container that I pulled my red norland potatoes out of and they have grown four inches in a week. We'll see if they produce.

Okra = sad. They turned yellow then died. So last night I turned em under and mixed in some fresh compost and replanted.

Peppers are looking good. Although they are not growing very tall, they are a nice dark green color. I've got bell and jalepenos and both have 3 to 4 fruits per plant with the jalepeno in the lead with the biggest at about an inch long.

Hops - A friend and I brew beer so we decided to try growing hops this year. I'm using a smallish container so I'm having to water every day. The chinook is about 3 feet tall with the cascades not far behind.

I intended to make more frequent updates to this blog but, well, life happens!