Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Garden

I decided this would be an easy way for me to keep track of my own garden and perhaps give some insight to others in my area. I know I've looked for information in my area for quite some time and it seems everything is published by zones. Well, a zone 7/8 in Texas is probably a bit different than that same zone in California or Georgia or where ever else zone 7/8 lands.

I'm in Fort Worth, Texas which is right on the border of zones 7 and 8. So which one do I go by? Since this is my first garden, I guess I'll find out in time. This year is considered a trial year for me anyhow.

I'll have to look at my notes but sometime back in Feb, I think around Feb 17th or 22nd, I planted radishes, peas, Texas sweet onions, evergreen bunching onion seeds, carrot seeds, four kinds of lettuce and some other things I can't recall at the moment. Then, in to March I planted stuff like cukes, tomatoes and peppers. Again, I've got it all written down, somewhere...

Soon I will go back over my notes and detail when I planted what and how they are doing. Unfortunately I didn't write down when the little dudes sprouted but maybe I can make something up, but then again, that wouldn't be very informative so I guess I'll have to try to keep track from now on.

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